Bendre Geeta Yatre


“Bhaala Chanda haadidi, ishtakka mugeelilla … Nana Yella hadugalanu kodthini … Yellakade haadkotha hogu” (You sang beautifully, but that’s not all…I will give you all my poems and you will have to take them every where). These were the affectionate words of Varakavi Da Ra Bendre to the 8 year old Sangeeta Katti at Dharwad.

The great poet had an immense desire to hear Sangeeta sing all his songs.Three decades later, to fulfill the desire of the legendary poet, Sangeeta voluntarily ventured into an ambitious task of bringing alive the people’s poet through her unique programme Bendre Geeta Yatre by training and presenting the young budding talents all over the state to sing his songs. Sangeeta has plans to bring out the audio albums of top Singers of Bendre Geeta Yatre from all over.

BGY16The main motto of Geeta Yatre is not only to serve the main purpose of composing Bendre songs, but also take him directly to the hearts of the younger generation, thus providing an opportunity to dig out the latent musical talent across the globe. The one day programme in each place will have KAVYA CHINTANA – a review of Bendre literature by experts in the morning and KAVYA GAYANA – rendering Bendre’s Songs by the well trained young singers and Sangeeta herself, in the evening, the common feature being the most popular poem “BAARO SADHANAKERIGE”.

BGY14The Bendre Geeta Yatre started at the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore with a bang, which was inaugurated by Jnanapeetha awardee Dr. U.R Anantha Murthy in the year May 2005. About 26 young aspirants of music made their maiden entry on the stage at the grant event, few amongst them won Laurels in some of the popular reality shows also .

This was followed in Gadag, a historical abode of music, which was inaugurated by Nadoja Prof.Chanaveera Kanavi. The highlights of the event were the magnanimous speech by Shri Shri Shri JAGADGURU TONTADARYA Mahaswamyji and the musical saint Late Dr.Puttaraja Gavai of Veereshwara Punyaashrama Gadag.

BGY15In Bangalore, Bendre Geeta Yatre made its entry with Vidya Vardhaka Sangha school, Rajajinagar, who hosted the grand event in the school premises, where in the foundation stone was laid by none other than the Varakavi Bendre himself. This was inaugurated by the famous poet Dr. Laskhmi Narayana Bhatta and was presided over by Dr. P R Mundewadi, The Chairman, VVS Institutions.